Gary Baulch, Managing Director of Dermapure, “We are excited to announce a new distribution agreement with Priori Skincare in the UK.”

Dermapure has been a skincare distribution specialist in the UK since 2006, supplying world-leading brands including DermaQuest, Sunescape and more. The addition of Priori Skincare enables Dermapure to respond to the growing need for personalized, inclusive and accessible skincare, that PRIORI can deliver through its unique Adaptive Skincare approach.

Priori’s innovative formulations are based on skin complexes that offer a new approach to skincare to many of the clinic and spa brands currently offered in the UK. Dermapure prides itself on selecting only results-driven professional skincare brands with proven scientific research and high-quality ingredients. Priori ticks all these boxes, with products that are original, efficacious and appealing to a broad audience.

Dermapure’s founder and MD, Gary Baulch said: “We are delighted to add a brand as prestigious and well-respected as Priori to Dermapure’s portfolio. I know our clients will love Priori products and the brand’s reputation for innovation. Priori perfectly complements our existing brand portfolio with a unique position within our core offer via highly active AHA based formulations and more,” responding to a gap in the market that our clients were asking to be filled. We have additional exciting news to announce later this year, but for now, our new relationship with Priori is a headline we’re happy to shout about.”

Regis Haberkorn, president and co-owner of PRIORI adds: “PRIORI Adaptive Skincare provides science-based solutions so that anyone can achieve their most luminous skin regardless of gender, age and ethnicity all day every day. We combine powerful ingredients into proprietary complexes that provide skin with exactly what it needs when it needs it. We are excited to start a new journey with the most respected professional beauty distributor in the UK so that our unique approach can be experienced by a large base of demanding customers.”

Already hugely popular in Europe and beyond, Priori offers the perfect product range for many clinics and spas in the UK as well. In 2005, PRIORI began its mission with products created exclusively for the skincare elite, available only at Dermatologists, Medical Spas and Spas that are seeking the most advanced solutions for their patients.

Their team of dedicated scientists and formulators rely on more than 100 years of combined experience, and they are the creators of some of the biggest breakthroughs in skin science: AHA, LED devices, Idebenone, DNA Repair Enzymes and, most recently, Tetra, with four levels of environmental protection. PRIORI offers some of the most advanced clinically proven skincare solutions available on the market today.

Therefore, not only do Priori’s products impress the team at Dermapure but their ethos and business ethics resonate with their new exclusive UK distributor too. Dermapure prides itself on delivering a level of customer service that is second to none, supporting its clinics and spas to achieve their goals through the supply of exceptional skincare brands, product and treatment training. Working alongside Priori will only strengthen their position in the industry.