Advanced Tanning: Spray-Tan Body Contouring

Ever since Kim Kardashian revealed her contouring secrets, it’s been all the rage to fake a chiselled look. Makeup can do wonders when it comes to creating dimension in the face, but have you tried contouring your body with fake tan? Read on to learn how to look more toned without hitting the gym!


1. Prep. Before you contour, make sure you exfoliate well, develop your initial tan, and have achieved your desired shade. Once you’ve got a smooth tan that you’re happy with, you can start plotting your contouring course of action.

2. Plan. Make sure you’ve got a grasp on how the light naturally hits your body before going all out with the fake tan. Remember that dark colours will cause an area to recess, while leaving an area a lighter shade will highlight and enlarge it. For example, if you follow the lines of your cleavage with fake tan, your breasts will appear fuller and more rounded in contrast.

3. Tackle larger areas. Work on the abs and limbs using a tanning buy prednisone no prescription mitt or paddle foundation brush. Flex your muscles and follow the natural indentations and hollows of your body to create shading. Make sure to use a light hand in order to create a subtle optical illusion instead of obvious lines.

4. Go in for detail work. Use a makeup sponge to apply your fake tan contour to delicate areas, like the collarbone or décolletage. Since the sponge will absorb a lot of the product, it will make it much more difficult to go overboard on these prominent areas.


5. Dress it up. After your contour develops, you can take your look a step further for a date night or special event by emphasising your work with bronzing and highlighting powders. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a little shimmer while you’re at it!

Now that you’re rocking those defined calves, biceps, and abs, don’t be surprised if people ask you where you take boot camp classes! With this contour routine as your secret weapon, Kim K’s got nothing on you.