We’re incredibly excited to add a product range as prestigious and successful as Hush & Hush to our portfolio of leading skincare, beauty and wellness brands.

As the only UK distributor of Hush & Hush supplements, their unique approach and ‘clean’ formulations have already taken the US market by storm. Created by the founders of Image Skincare, including plastic surgeon, skincare and antiaging expert Dr Marc Ronert, Hush & Hush has formulated a spectrum of clinically proven products to fight back at some of the challenges forced upon us as we age.

This product range delivers a breakthrough in the world of wellness with scientifically proven formulas comprised of the most effective vitamins, herbs, botanicals and 21st century antiaging ingredients. With a comprehensive selection of supplements able to rebalance, rejuvenate, revive and reset the body, working from the inside out, this renowned brand helps people live younger, longer.

Offering a daily dose of wellness, that can be tailored to individual needs, lifestyle, age and goals, Hush & Hush supplements can improve nutrition, skin, hair, stress levels and sleep. Free from any harmful ingredients, fillers, additives or artificial colours and flavours, the Hush & Hush supplement range works in conjunction with your body, just as nature intended. Their Clean Clinical VitaminsTM actively boost and enhance health and wellbeing.

This is a brand that will be appreciated by discerning buyers, those who really care about what they put into their bodies and strive to retain a youthful lifestyle and appearance. Tackling the many signs and symptoms of ageing from the inside out supports the mind, body and soul.

Adding Hush & Hush to our results-driven skincare and beauty brands provides our clients with the opportunity to offer a more holistic approach to health and beauty, giving customers the chance to achieve optimum health, beauty and antiaging results.