Dear Customers,

Welcome to our new community Facebook page. Thank you for taking the first step to building an even better business…

Why have I set this group up?

We are all faced with challenges whilst running and owning a business. We are always looking for new ideas, ways to improve performance or trying to increase new customer numbers, but more importantly retaining existing customers. We all continually search for ways to improve what we do but often the ‘little things’ are overlooked.

I hear from some of you that you need more brochures, posters and bags, but why? What are you doing with them? Do they actually add value or just a tick box to say you have done some ‘marketing’? The value comes from how you communicate, and the service delivered by your staff. Your clients won’t remember a retail bag, but they will remember an ‘experience’ that they enjoyed. Training, education and knowledge is what the customers want along with the confidence that they are receiving the best treatments, technology and solutions for their requirements, with a bit of value added!

My point is… Do your staff understand what you are trying to achieve? Have you shared why this is your dream? Do they adhere to your business values? Do they buy into the level of service you expect them to deliver? Does your clinic have a WOW factor? OR are you pretty much the same as the clinic down the road? Bland, average, nondescript…. Far from WOW!

As product suppliers, we are always asked for more but at times it is what you offer and the way you offer it that defines your level of service and customer retention. Following many clinic visits, especially to customers who have been in this business for a long time, it seems we have lost sight of what is important. We are all too focused on paying bills, staffing problems, equipment issues or products not arriving on time.

When was the last time you observed your staff deliver a consultation, treatment or client meet and greet? Most importantly, do you set goals and targets for your team? Do you review their performance after training? Are you always looking for improvements?

We all pay our staff a LARGE proportion of the revenue we receive, but do we allocate the same proportion of our efforts and percentage of our time supporting, developing or correcting what they do? What I have seen recently is that we just let them get on with it…

Why? Because we’re too afraid to challenge, correct or set higher expectations of them.

Is this because you don’t have the knowledge, skills or you lack the confidence to drive your team? We can assist in this matter! Would you like to hear our ideas (generated from our privileged position within the industry) and benefit from our support? Please share some of your questions or concerns within this group as I’m sure we have all been faced with similar problems at some point.

Over the coming weeks and months, I want to remind you why we all started this journey and help you focus on building a business that is better than the competition – far from bland, average and nondescript. Let’s focus on recreating your unique vision of your dream Clinic, Medi Spa, Salon or Aesthetic Clinic.

PLEASE NOTE: This forum is NOT a place to moan but a place to improve what we all do and how we do it. As a business and as a supplier, we face many challenges – especially in our current climate! Suppliers, currency rates, staff, lack of innovation, poor sales figures, increasing overheads – the list goes on. Take this unique opportunity to share some of your business challenges, resource issues or lack understanding, whether they relate to staff management, social media, marketing, goals and targets, branding, the visual impact of your business or any other concern. A problem shared… and all that!

Rest assured, we too experience the same problems but it’s what we do to fix these problems that keeps us all in business We all have sleepless nights from running a business, but the one thing that makes it all worthwhile, is always trying for a better tomorrow.

I have gathered a range of external organisations to help us all on our quest for improvement. I have experts in branding and design, social media, web development, copywriting, banking, finance, leasing, solicitors/legal, trainers in sales and customer care and more… All YOU have to do is ask for help and we will try to support your growth ideas and dreams in 2020.

I want us all to face (head-on) the things we avoid. Let’s try to grow and develop in ways that actively improve business growth, employee passion and profits!

Why are we so keen to help? Simple… because it means we grow with you. As a supplier we are only as good as our clients and their staff and our marketing is only effective if you and your team know how to maximise its use.

I look forward to communicating with you all in the coming months and growing a community of business owners with a positive energy.

Gary Baulch